This is Daniel Goddard – middle name Barnaby. D.B.G. was born in 1976. His first musical influences are also amongst his very first memories. -”When I was about four or five I remember sitting and listening, mesmerised, to a few albums in particular: Rubber Soul, Late for the Sky, Déjà vu, Sounds of Silence”.


Musical discovery and maturity continued through Dans teens and University years where he discovered a swift aptitude for both the guitar and violin amongst a blossoming, youthfull Westcountry folk scene. -”A real breakthrough for me was meeting Sam Lakeman and his brothers Sean and Seth soon after going to secondary school. Its fair to say they had already begun to master their instruments and tune their ears to a level at which I knew they were deeply dedicated to music. I knew right away, these were my kind of people.” Dan wasnt really concerned at this stage with song writing despite a strong affection for language and literature, especially the Magical Realists. He was more into sessions, trying to learn as many tunes as possible, and inevitably the foolishness of youth made it certain that he would try and play them as fast as possible as well.


Dan spent a year studying in Caracas through 1998 where he was relatively starved of music, as he knew it. He purchased a cheap Cuatro (a local 4 string guitar) from a street vendor, and would spend his nights picking away. It was here in Venezuelas concrete Jungle that D.B.G. gradually found a voice. On his return to England a seminal meeting occurred when he headed for London. Settling amongst the bohemian veterans of Camden Town it was here that one day Dan walked into his uncles flat to be greeted by a fabulous echoing acoustic guitar. It turned out this was emanating from none other than the great folk innovator Davey Graham. -”Davey simply said- Do you know this one?- as he reeled off a perfect rendition of Blackbird by McCartney. The ensuing jam led to a visit to Davey’s pad where he showed me his guitars, we drank whisky and played.” This meeting with one of his greatest heroes spurred Dan through an intensive period of playing and lyric writing. Urged by friends and family alike he bought a portastudio and a microphone to record some of his songs. -”At first my bedroom recording sessions were purely therapeutic, but soon as I let others hear my work I knew I had to complete a full album.”


2006 brings together the culmination of 2 years of songwriting and recording . The wholly self produced, self titled ‘D.B.G.’ portrays a warm heart, a keen ear, and a poets soul. D.B.G.s unique style can also be heard on other CDs where he guests on albums by Irish songbird, Cara Dillon and Dartmoors favourite musical son Seth Lakeman


    Free Burma


    DBG (2006)